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12 January 2014 @ 12:09 am
Fic writers (the very few we have), please leave a summary of your fic so artists can choose if they want to make art for your fic!

Artists, stake your claims and get started on your works. Remember you can make works of your own even without a story to art for -- or, if the author is ok with it, there can be more than an artist for a same fanfiction. The sky is the limit, really.
09 January 2014 @ 08:31 pm
So, how are your works coming along? Any difficulties, sudden changes, insecurities...? You guys think you can finish your work on time?
03 January 2014 @ 04:14 pm
Hello, writers!

This is just a friendly reminder that two days from now I'm going to need your drafts.

4k words; email to hbowwii.bigbang@gmail.com.

Okay? Okay.

Good luck, everyone. See you on the 5th.
17 December 2013 @ 07:55 pm
I received a good amount of emails from writers worried about the drafts and I myself was busy with university stuff during November (apologies, by the way, for the impressive and irresponsible Houdini disappearing act. That was massively dumb and I'm really sorry) so for the good of everyone, the schedule has been altered, which means everyone has a lot more time to finish their shenanigans.

WRITERS: your drafts are due on JANUARY 5th. (So you can enjoy the Holidays, etc.)

ARTISTS: claims will go down on JANUARY 12th, and your drafts should be ready on FEBRUARY 10th.

Posting claims are going to happen on FEBRUARY 20th, and posting starts on FEBRUARY 24th.

ABOUT THE DRAFTS: all I ask is a minimum of 4k words. That 4k can be altered all you want until your posting date, so no worries. For the few of you who have already sent me your drafts, consider yourselves excused from re-sending them on January.

CHECK-INS WILL OCCUR ON JANUARY 10TH & FEBRUARY 15TH. February 15th is the final one, so make sure you guys have at least 90% of your work finished by then, please.

Good luck, good people.
22 October 2013 @ 09:05 pm

Because they make the world go round~

If you're a writer and you signed up for the Bang, but you don't have a loyal beta reader and are in desperate need of one, you just might find someone available here.

Fill out and post this little form in the comments so betas can find you:

And if you are a beta reader willing to participate in the Bang, please fill out this form and post it in the comments:

Cheerleaders are also very much appreciated, always! For both writers and artists! If you're all about cheering people and making sure they finish their work in time, comment below!
22 October 2013 @ 08:44 pm

  1. "Art" can be anything: drawings, graphics, mixes, podfic, fanvid, recipes, portraits made out of skittles, etc.

  2. All works must be complete by the scheduled posting date.

  3. Mixes must include a tracklist.

  4. Sketches/progress reports will be accepted as rough drafts.

  5. The primary fandom in your work must be Band of Brothers or The Pacific.


Fill out this form and post in the comments.

Name: The username you intend to post under (can be from any website, such as Tumblr, Dreamwidth, LJ, etc.)
Email: in case I need to contact you. If you'd prefer to keep this private, email your form to hbowwii.bigbang@gmail.com
Fandom(s) you're making art for: BoB, TP, or both? (Be sure to specify the other fandom(s) if you're working with a crossover or AU.)
What type of art are you making: Basically, the medium you're working with.
Will you participate in artist claims?: Do you want to work with a writer (make things for their fic)? Yes or no.
22 October 2013 @ 08:16 pm

  1. All works must be at least 8k words long.

  2. All genres and types of fiction will be accepted. However, they need to be specified in the header of your post.

  3. All works must be beta'ed. (Check our beta post for available betas.)

  4. In case of crossovers, the primary fandom in the fic must be Band of Brothers or The Pacific.

  5. In case of RPF, all actors involved must be participating in the series (mentions or very brief appearances do not count and can be exceptions).

  6. Your rough draft must have at least 4k words.


Fill the form and post it in the comments when sign-ups open. Comments posted after the closing date will not be accepted.

Name: The username you intend to post under (can be from any website, such as Tumblr, Dreamwidth, LJ, etc.)
Email: In case I need to contact you. If you'd prefer to keep this private, email your form to hbowwii.bigbang@gmail.com
Fandom(s) you're writing for: BoB, TP, or both? (Be sure to specify the other fandom(s) if you're writing a crossover or AU.)
Will you participate in artist claims?: Yes or no.

[ETA] Note: "participating in artist claims" means whether you want someone to art for your fic or not. You guys don't have to be artists too!
22 October 2013 @ 07:22 pm

  1. Written works must be at least 8k words long.

  2. Extensions of one week (maximum) may be given, but only if the writer provides a reason for the request and notifies the moderator before the posting schedule is revealed.

  3. AUs, crossovers, RPF, gen, slash, het, etc. are all permitted.

  4. All works must be new/unposted. Meaning: you can post anything you want, even old WIPs, as long as they have never been posted anywhere before your scheduled posting date.

  5. Artists may choose to work alone, or with a writer. Furthermore, writers may choose to not put their works up for artist claiming.

  6. All works must be related to the HBO series Band of Brothers and/or The Pacific. (Obviously.)

  7. NO WANK. Bringing wank to the community results in banning.


  • Are collaborations permitted?

Yes, but drafts of all works must still be sent to the moderator on the due date, and all individuals involved in the collab must have signed up for the Big Bang. In the sign-up form they must also include that they are not working alone.

  • Can I participate in a collaboration AND produce my own works?

If you think you can handle it, sure.

  • Can artists also write fanfiction, and writers produce art?

Yes, but all works must follow the respective guidelines for its type (ex: all fanfiction must be at least 8.000 words long).

  • Can I post a WIP or a fic series?

WIPs will not be accepted. Your fic should be able to stand on its own (it should not be necessary to read previous or future works to be able to understand it). If you can comply with that, you may post it as part of a series.

  • Do I have to post my story/art on LJ or can I post it elsewhere?

You can post it wherever you want, but you cannot post it before your scheduled posting date.

  • Do I need an LJ account to participate?

Well, you're going to need to post to the community eventually, when you post a link to your fanwork on your scheduled posting date, so yes, you do. However, if you really do not wish to create an LJ account, you may email the moderator at hbowwii.bigbang@gmail.com and we'll see what can be done.

  • Life happened and I need to drop out of the challenge. What do I do?

You email the mod as soon as possible so I can make the alterations necessary to the schedule. But please consider carefully before you drop out.

Further questions can be sent to hbowwii.bigbang@gmail.com or posted in the comments.